Early speculation of the KD 13

There has been a leaked images of the KD 13s but this image from ONEONONETESTERS is the photo that shows all the details of the shoe. However, keep in mind that it is not known whether the shoe is a replica or a original.

First starting with the upper, looks to be made up of the similar material from the previous model with the quad-axel flyknit upper with a leather wing for additional lockdown of the foot. The cushioning on the shoe is not known however, there is the possibility of a separate heel and forefoot zoom unit. The outsole of the shoe shows the forefoot section being highlighted in blue. Nike usually does this to highlight the zoom unit or other cushioning system also the middle of the outsole has a hole in the middle to expose the midsole so there is the possibility of a new cushion set-up for the KD 13. The outsole is generally made-up of circles similar to the PG 4 outsole.

More updates will follow and the new articles will be released regarding the tech specs and the release dates of the shoe.

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