The much anticipated D.O.N ISSUE 2 is set to release in a “Spiderman” colourway much like last year. This was the first colourway that was officially revealed by Adidas in collaboration with NBA 2k. Now the shoe is coming to reality.

The whole shoe is dressed in different shades of neon green, reminiscent of the radioactive spider in the comic books. The laces, stitching and the logos are coloured in Spiderman’s signature bright red. Additional details of Spiderman include the lace tab that reads “SPIDEY SENSES” and common comic book sound effects written on the bottom of the outsole. Inside the tongue features a drawing of Miles Morales using his spidey senses.

Unfortunately this shoe is set to release only in China on July 11th for $100. The rest of the world will have to wear this shoe on 2K for now

image via Adidas

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