Starting from August 23rd to August 29th, Nike will be releasing 5 colourways of the Kobe 5 Proto and a limited edition Kobe jersey. Since the passing of Kobe Bryant earlier this year, Nike pulled all of their Kobe products from their shelves as a sign of respect towards the Lakers legend. With the start of Mamba Week, Nike will resume their sale of Kobe products to celebrate Kobe’s legacy and “his relentless pursuit for perfection”.

Mamba Week will start with the release of the Kobe 5 Proto “Big Stage” on August 23rd, which celebrates Kobe’s 10th anniversary of his 5th NBA title. It also features tattoo-style writing to highlight Kobe’s achievements.

Mamba Day, August 24th, will see the release of the Kobe 5 Proto “5x Champ” and a limited-edition Kobe jersey. The “5x Champ”, which is dressed in a black and purple patent leather, is inspired by Lakers championship jackets gifted to Kobe after his second and third successful championship campaign. The limited-edition “Black Mamba” jersey, originally released in 2017, will see a return with Kobe’s retired numbers. 8 on the front and 24 on the back, the arrangement symbolises Kobe’s career and the day dedicated to his impact on the game.

August 27th will see the release of the “What If” pack, which in collaboration with Undefeated will feature two pairs of Kobe 5 Protos. First pair is dressed in a Hornets colourway, the team that drafted him and the other is a combination of colours of the 12 teams that drafted ahead of them.

Finally the “Girls EYBL” colourway inspired by the Greek mythological character “Medusa” will release on August 29th.

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