For Kawhi Leonard’s first collaboration project, New Balance is teaming up with candy company Jolly Rancher to launch a sneaker and apparel collection consisting of slides, t-shirt, 480s and 327s. The collection will feature two colourways of The Kawhi, “Original Flavour” and “Blue Raspberry”.

The “Original Flavour” features the Jolly Rancher characters featured on the tongue with Kawhi Leonard written in a playful font. The colourway features a well balanced mix of colours which all represent each flavour.

“Blue Raspberry” flavour is Kawhi Leonard’s favourite flavour thus a colourway dedicated to the candy. The “Blue Raspberry” colourway is a much simple colourway featuring just blue and yellow. While the “NB” logo on the heel and the ankle collar is dressed in bright yellow, the rest of the shoe is decorated in blue. However, different shades of blue used on the different materials makes it as vibrant as the “Original Flavour” which is full of colour. Additional details that is only seen on the “Blue Raspberry” colourway is, the ankle collar features the “Blue Raspberry” character looking rather robotic, laughing “HAHAHA”. Something that has become a signature of Kawhi Leonard after his famous interview.

The Kawhi x Jolly Rancher collection will release on October and the price ranges from $35 for the slides and $160 for The Kawhi.

Source: All images via New Balance

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