Possible Concerns with the Zoom Freak 1

There has been leaked photos of the Giannis’s signature shoe, the Zoom Freak 1. The tec specs show that it will have a mesh upper and a double stacked heel zoom as cushion and a mixture of wave pattern and herringbone pattern as the outsole traction. Without the shoe being released I see a few potential concerns with the shoe.

First the cushion, although a double stacked zoom seems attractive as first, if you look closely at the bottom of the shoe you can see a glimpse of the zoom unit. This means that the zoom unit is likely to be bottom loaded. The problem with bottom loaded zoom is that there is a strobel board and a pylone midsole between your foot and the zoom. So, it takes more time to break in the shoe to feel the zoom and for many people, they can never feel the zoom depending on their weight.

Tec Specs of the Greak Freak 1

Second is the fit of the shoe, since signature shoes are made specifically for the player, the normal size shoes are made in proportional to the athletes shoe. This causes results such as Kevin Durant’s shoes being long and narrow and LeBron’s shoes being wide for the normal people. Giannis has a similar body as Kevin Durant so it’s fair to say that the Greek Freak can be narrow and long and may not fit people with wide feet.

Final concerns is the traction, the wave like traction is a new traction pattern and it almost looks like a surface of a rock. I’m pretty skeptical on whether with will really help the shoe bite. Also looks like some of the grooves are pretty thin so just a few basketball sessions outdoor can be pretty bad for the outsole.

These were my concerns with the Greak Freak 1s. These concerns are purely speculative and it may turn out to be one of the best first signature shoe to go against the PG 1 and the Harden Vol.1. Please feel free to comment other concerns you have with the shoe.

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