B/E 3? B/E 4? Running Shoe? What is this?

This shoe claiming to be the B/E 3 was leaked from Hupu. There has been many arguments on what this shoe is that features the Harden logo. A lot of shoe accounts have been saying this is the Harden B/E 3 but I am on the side that this shoe is a one-off non-basketball shoe and here are the reasons.

At a first glance, it can be mistaken as a basketball shoe, it has a lot of basketball shoe traits. The outsole seems to be a herringbone traction pattern which is more common in basketball shoes than running shoes. Also it shares a similar silhouette as the recently leaked Harden Vol.4 which can add support that this is a B/E 4.

But, if you look closely on the initial leaked image, you can clearly see a tag that says “Best Seller”, “Category: running”. This lets us assume that the shoe is already being sold in retailers. This eliminates the argument that it is a Harden B/E 4. At a stage where the B/E 3s haven’t been released and its set to release August 1st, it doesn’t make sense to skip to selling the B/E 4. For the case of it being a “redesigned” B/E 3, it is plausible. But, when you compare images of the shoes side by side, it is hard to find a similarity in the shoes. The structure of the midsole and outsole is completely different. The leaked shoes have more outsole curvature than the official B/E 3s. So I doubt that this is a redesigned B/E 3.

B/E 3 Leaked

From the tag, I assume this shoes is a one-off running shoe. This isn’t the first time Harden’s logo has been put on a non-basketball shoes like the Harden x Adidas Yung-1. Obviously my argument is solely based on the fact that the tag attached is correct. Only time will tell until another leak surfaces to reassure us on what this shoe is.

Harden x Adidas Yung 1

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