Kyrie 6, everything you need know

More images of the Kyrie 6 have been released. A initial picture was leaked on February 20th. But it only showed one side of the shoe and it was difficult to have any idea of the shoe.

Now we have 2 more image that shows the outsole and the inside of the shoe. The outsole of the shoe looks like a mixture of every single Kyrie that has been made. It borrows the eye traction from the Kyrie 5 and zigzag traction from the Kyrie 4. The outsole curvature looks the most similar to the Kyrie 2. Overall it’s a chaotic traction and it looks like a solid performer.

For the upper of the shoe the back of the shoe is a synthetic leather and a external heel counter that hasn’t been present since the first Kyrie signature model. Also the upper features a rubber midfoot strap with the “All seeing eye” on the middle and the Roman Number 6 on the far end of the shoe. The lacing is probably a normal lacing system without any flywire to give reinforcement in terms of lockdown.

For the midsole the shoe is sticking to forefoot zoom turbo which was first introduced in the Kyrie 5. And the rest is probably full length phylone.

Generally kyrie shoes have always been solid performers and always came with great colourways. This shoe also looks like it has a lot of potential to have good colourways as the Kyrie 5 in terms of the materials they can use on the shoe. So I suggest you not to sleep on this shoe just because of its initial looks.

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