Breakdown of the leaked Lebron 17

LeBron James has teased a shoe which look to be his next upcoming sneaker the LeBron 17. A short video was teased on his Instagram story showing the sneaker. It was leaked that the LeBron 17 will be released around the start of the season but we never got a leak to see what it looked like. Here is the full breakdown of the LeBron 17.

The whole upper looks to be made up of flyknit. The toe and forefoot area seems to be just made of flyknit. But the heel and the midfoot area has extra layers on top of the flyknit for lateral containment. The extra layer is similar to the TPU on the Jumpman Diamond mid. I am also speculating that the upper maybe made up of Airknit which is a lighter and durable version of flyknit which will be used on the Alpha Dunk. The lacing shoes that the laces go directly through the upper material which isn’t possible with flyknit. That is why the LeBron 15 had flywire as lacing or else the upper material would rip. Also there is a subtle swoosh on the outside of the shoe which looks to not do much. There seems to be no external heel counter.

The midsole cushioning looks like a Air Max 720 set up on the heel. We are speculating that the it maybe a modified Air Max unit which is intergrated with Zoom Air. The forefoot area looks to be similar setup with the LeBron 15 and LeBron 16.

The outsole is not known as there isn’t a clear images of the shoe.

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