Boost is implemented in different types of shoes. It is used in Basketball shoes and it is used in the iconic Yeezy shoe line. What is the cloud like foam and how is it made?

eTPU (image via BASF)

The iconic Boost midsole has become to represent Adidas much like the Air unit did to Nike. First introduced in on the Energy Boost in 2013, Boost has expanded to be used from running to basketball and its iconic bubble like shape has become a huge part of street culture.

Cross-section of boost (image via FastPass)

The tech which was developed by Adidas and BASF, a German chemical company. Boost is made by expanding thermoplastic polyurethane to form a cell which contains a tiny air pocket, which Adidas calls eTPU (expanded theromoplastic polyurethane). The soft and elastic pellets are fused together into a solid piece which forms the Boost midsole that we know today.

Comaprison of the rebound of different foams, Boost in orange (image via BASF)

Boost is designed to re-emit energy put in through reducing the energy that is lost when your shoe comes into contact with the ground. The structure of boost, which consists of thousands of small responsive pellets, promotes softness and responsiveness of the cushioning. This helps puts less strain on the body of the athlete allowing them to perform better.

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