The cushion set-up of the Harden Vol.5 has been leaked. Sources have said that the Harden Vol.5 will implement a mixture of Lightstrike and Boost. How it is implemented is unclear, it is said to have a similar tooling as the Adidas Pro Boost Low and High which is set to on October 1st. The Pro Boost line is set to have a full-length Lightstrike midsole and a full-length drop-in Boost insole. An alternative set-up could consist of a Boost midsole that is caged by Lightstrike. However, a drop-in Boost insole with a Lightstrike midsole is the most probable option.

It was always expected that Adidas will give Harden line an upgrade after the Dame line was given Lightstrike cushioning. The Harden line is suppose to be the most premium signature line of Adidas however ever since the Dame line also got Lightstrike it lost its selling point. So, Adidas was expected to give Harden a slight edge over the Dame line to charge it at a higher price and keep its premium status. Improving the cushioning seemed to have been the best option and that is exactly what Adidas has done.

Source: Feature image via Sneakernews

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