D Rose 11, breakdown of the leaked images

Its been less than a few months since Adidas released the 10th signature shoe of Derrick Rose of the Detroit Pistons and there is already leaked images of the 11th signature shoe. There is enough images to show the tech specs of the shoe and here is the breakdown.

The upper is uses Adidas’s Adrizero technology, for those who are unfamiliar to the technology, Adizero is a technology involving decreasing the weight of the shoe using lightweight materials and innovative construction. Meaning that the upper of the D Rose 11 will be made of thin and light weight materials. The lacing system is very standard and reminds us of the lacing system of the 9th signature shoe. It is worrying as there was problems of the eyelids of the 9th signature shoe tearing. So we will have to hope Adidas has used stronger strings for this model.

The 11th signature shoe has been given an upgrade in terms of technology as the midsole consists of full-length Lightstrike. Lightstrike is the newest cushioning system Adidas has introduced and it has been slowly replacing Boost material in other signature shoes such as the Harden and the Dame line. It is often described as bouncier than Bounce but much light weight.

For the outsole we do not have any images that show the outsole of the shoe so it is difficult to determine however, Adidas has never been very creative with the outsole design on the D Rose line recently so it might be a safe option to say that it will be a typical herringbone pattern.

Overall the shoe looks to be a very light shoe and a overall good performer given the upgraded tech specs. However, the upgrade in technology may come with a higher price tag than the D Rose 10.

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