Problem with the PG 4

With the PG 4 scheduled to release on the 17th of January, some sneaker accounts are already pointing out problems with the PG 4. Oneononetesters showed an image of the sneaker bending full 180 degrees showing that the sneaker does not feature a torsional shank plate. A shank plate is a essential component in shoes especially performance sneakers as it diminishes the load on the wearer’s feet and calves. This reduces soreness in the foot and also reduces the risk of injury. The lack of presence of a shank plate in the retail version of the sneaker should be noted by people who have bad plantar fasciitis. Or it would be recommended adding additional insoles to ease the strain on the foot.

Next problem is less serious, will the PG 4 really be worth the money? The only cushioning system in the PG 4 is the Air Strobel unit. Many hoped the sneaker will also feature additional cushioning such as reach or lunarlon but looks like full length air is all we will be getting in terms of cushion. It feels like the PG 4 doesn’t provide as much technology as it should if it remains in the price range with its past shoes. Also for the upper the combination of the mesh doesn’t do justice for the price tag. There are plenty of other shoes that would be able to provide a more premium materials in the upper and just as good cushioning.

Overall this is just a speculation and also personal preferences has been expressed in this article so please note that when you read this article.

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