Early breakdown of the ADAPT BB 2.0

Detailed images of the ADAPT BB 2.0 was leaked by @sneakerhighway. The 2.0 features a more sporty look similar to the Hyperrev 2016 compared to the minimal design of its predecessor the 1.0.

The upper forefoot is covered in a mesh re-enforced with a rubber material to cover the E.A.R.L lacing system of the shoe. While the whole shoe looks to be made up of a synthetic suede material similar to the 1.0. Also the heel features a external heel cup to prevent heel slippage and also features tongue tabs that says “Version 2.0, NIKE ADAPT BB, YEAR TWENTY TWENTY”

The main material of the midsole is still a mystery. What we do know is that 2.0 has Zoom Turbo in the forefoot and there will be no zoom cushioning in the heel, so the Adabt BB has moved on from the full length Cushlon which was featured in the 1.0.

The outsole is the a herringbone pattern with the zoom turbo highlighted in red in the forefoot. The area which features the Zoom unit is separated from the main outsole, so we could be looking at a bottom loaded Zoom set-up unlike the Kyrie 6 which also features Zoom Turbo.

There is no official release date for the shoes and the price isn’t known either. However, we expect Nike to decrease the price from its previous model in order to make the E.A.R.L technology more available to people.

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