There hasn’t been any leaked images of the Jordan Why Not 0.4 but we are expecting the shoe to get a major upgrade compared to its previous shoe lines. We came to this conclusion due to the release of Westbrook’s second signature line, the Westbrook One Take. The shoe is a the budget signature line with the shoe being $35 cheaper than the main model. It came as a surprise that the take down model didn’t have anything taken down from the main model to justify the price drop. Usually budget models have either the cushion or the materials compromised for example the Kyrie Flytrap model gets a regular zoom unit and cheaper materials compared to the Kyrie 6 which has Zoom Turbo cushioning and premium materials such as a synthetic leather upper. When we look at the Westbrook One Take, the tech-specs and the quality of materials are surprisingly identical. They both have a forefoot Zoom set-up and the materials in the shoe are very similar. The only difference is the rubber strap the main model has and it doesn’t justify it being $35 more expensive.

So this is why we believe the Why Not 0.4 which will release later this year will get a major upgrade in terms of tech-specs to separate itself from the budget line. In terms of cushioning we think the 0.4 will be given a forefoot and heel zoom set-up or a forefoot cushioning with upgraded foam. We did consider the possibility of a full-length Zoom set-up however, past silhouettes of the Why Not line had a large separation of the midsole and outsole. So a separate Zoom set-up in the heel and forefoot is easier to implement in a midsole structure of that sort. Another possibility we considered is a forefoot Zoom with upgraded foam midsole cushion set-up. Instead of adding another Zoom to keep the shoe being a main signature line, the phylone midsole foam can be upgraded to a foam midsole such as React cushioning.

There can also be better materials being used in the 0.4. There can be more colourways that offer a more premium materials such as different types of leather. In terms of performance the 0.4 might get a new upper such as flyknit or additional flywires in the lacing system.

Currently Westbrook is the only signature athlete who has real marketability as players such as Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony is ageing and are making less news headlines. Before a new signature athlete is announced, Westbrook will be getting the most attention from the Jordan brand in terms of the design team and engineers. So it should come as no surprise when the Why Not line receives a major upgrade in terms of performance and material wise.

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