It looks like Damian Lillard will be getting a new budget model under Adidas. The Portland Trailblazer guard has been with Adidas since being drafted has had a successful signature line the “DAME” which has been the mid-tier signature line under Adidas. Damian Lillard has already had a on-going budget signature line the “Dame Dolla”, so it is unclear whether the “Brookfield Dame” will be a new edition to his signature line or a replacement of a existing budget line.


The build of the shoe is a mid-top sneaker unlike his main signature line the “Dame 6”. The upper is divided into two parts where the back of the shoe is a mesh combined with fuse material to make the material rigid and prevent heel slippage. The forefoot area seems to be a softer mesh material. There is also fuse overlays where the laces go through which prevents the material from tearing or stretching.

Midsole Cushion Set-up

The midsole cushion set-up is a full-length AdiPRENE foam. There are thin lines of grooves in the heel part of the midsole to allow better compression of the sneaker. The tip of the midsole is slightly caged by the outsole to allow better response.


The outsole is made up of AdiWEAR rubber with a herringbone traction pattern. With the forefoot area having thicker grooves, The herringbone grooves become smaller and narrower on the heel area.

Price, Release Dates

Currently it’s been released in China and the price is 790 Yuan which is roughly around $100. So it is estimated when the Brookfield Dames release in the US it will go for around $100.

Sources: All images via Twitter/@US_11

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