Detailed images of the Zoom Freak 2s have surfaced to give a final breakdown on the tec-specs of the shoes. Giannis Antetokounmpo the reigning NBA MVP will be receiving his second signature line the Zoom Freak 2. The Zoom Freak line is currently sitting along side the PG line as a budget signature line for Nike.


The upper materials of the Zoom Freaks have been given upgrade in terms of the quality of the materials used. The upper consists of a breathable mesh material which looks to be softer than the materials that were previously used. The shoe also features synthetic leather overlays for better lockdown. The large leather Swoosh that covers the outside the foot and a leather panel that has the number “34” written covers the inside of the foot. There is also a layer of fuse in the toe-area for protection.

Midsole Cushion Set-up

As previously speculated before on the “Early Speculation of the Zoom Freak 2s”, the Zoom Freak 2s will feature a forefoot Zoom unit and a heel Zoom unit. The midsole is a decoupled midsole which means that the shoe will feature a shank plate which was missing in the previous shoe. The midsole foam will be a standard phylon foam.

Update: 08/07

Images showing a sketch of the midsole cushioning revealed that the ZF2 will feature a single forefoot Zoom unit with a phylone midsole.


The outsole is separated by the decoupled midsole creating two separate outsoles. The forefoot outsole pattern is a layer of thin circles and a pattern for the pivot foot. The outsole for the heel is a scribble like pattern with the Giannis and his brother’s names written under the pattern.

Price, Release Dates

The price of the shoe is not announced however, there hasn’t been a major improvement in term’s of the tech in the shoe. So, there won’t be a major increase in the price of the shoes. The earliest release dates of the shoes are set to be the 31st of July.

Sources: All the images via Instagram/@koala_hsh

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