Early Speculation of the Zoom Freak 2s

The upper of the shoe seems to be made up of mesh with a large leather swoosh. The large Nike swoosh as been a trade mark as it was also featured in the Zoom Freak 1s. The lacing system is a traditional lacing system and from the photos it doesn’t seem to feature any type of special lockdown system. However, there is the possibility of the forefooot lockdown system from the Zoom Freak 1s being reused in the second model.

We are expecting the midsole foam to be a phylon midsole with a Zoom Air cushion set-up. Although it is not officially stated, we expect the Zoom Freak 2s to have a forefoot and heel zoom cushion set-up. One of the reasons to back up the possibility of a forefoot and heel zoom set-up is due to the fact that Nike tries to offer different types of cushion set-ups for each of their athletes. Currently the use of double stacked Zoom set-up has been used in the KD 13 so there is little possibility Nike wants to have two signature sneakers sharing similar technology. Nike’s aim is to provide a diverse set-up of shoes for consumers to choose from and the only logical set-up currently (unless Nike makes a new cushion set-up) is the forefoot and heel zoom cushion is has not been used in any of the recent signature shoes. The shape of the midsole seems to separate the heel and the forefoot which supports the possibility of a set-up of that sort. For the outsole, photos showing the bottom of the shoe so we will have to wait for more leaks.

For now we will have to wait just a but longer for more photos to be shown to confirm the silhouette of the shoe and other aspects such as the outsole shape and the cushion set-up.

  1. “…a large leather Swoosh which was also featured in the Zoom Freak 1s.” I don’t believe any of the Zoom Freak 1s came with a leather Swoosh, not to mention that the Zoom Freak 1s have a backwards Swoosh on the lateral side unlike these leaked pictures.

    “…we expect the Zoom Freak 2s to have a forefoot and heel Zoom cushion set-up.” Why do you expect this? This set-up is not in the ZF1 and you go on to state that “The shape of the midsole…supports the possibility of a set-up of that sort and the shape of the outsole is not shown on the photo so it is unclear for now.” The way you state the last two observations using the words ‘possibility’ and ‘unclear’ do not make it seem like there is more than a 50% chance the ZF2 features heel and forefoot Zoom Air. This is why I’m confused that you ‘expect’ the ZF2 to have this cushion set-up.


    1. Thank You for your response, the article has been amended explaining the reason behind why we believe the ZF2 will feature a forefoot and heel cushion set-up and the some of the wording in the particle has been amended to prevent confusion in the future.


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