Early speculation of Kawhi’s signature shoe

This week during the NBA All-Star game, Kawhi Leonard replaced the OMN1S with his first signature shoe dubbed “Kawhi”. Unlike the high-top OMN1S, Kawhi’s signature shoe is a mid-top sneaker with a more bulkier look. The upper is a mixture of engineered mesh and mixture of leather on the ankle section for lockdown. It features a large heel counter with a large 3D NB logo and Kawhi’s signature on top. There seems to be no new technology introduced in the cushioning for the shoe as it uses the full length FuelCell from the OMN1S. The outsole is a standard herringbone in the outskirts of the outsole and pattern turns into a ripple shape similar to the pattern on the side of the shoe.

There is no information on the retail price or the release date. However, New Balance is set to release the sneaker in limited numbers and go for a general release around Fall this year. This is a similar strategy used by New Balance when the OMN1S which was a successful considering it was a first basketball shoe New Balance released in around 8 years.

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