Nike first released the WHAT THE KYRIE S1 3 years ago to pay homage to each of his sneakers released. The shoe combined elements in each of Kyrie’s shoes and mixed them together to create what he considered the best of the best. The Kyrie S1 combined elements from the Kyrie 1, Kyrie 2 and Kyrie 3. Since 3 more shoes have released since, it looks like Nike will be releasing a second edition of the Kyrie Hybrid combining the elements from the Kyrie 4, Kyrie 5 and the Kyrie 6.


The main materials of the upper looks to be a performance mesh from the Kyrie 4 which provides a soft feel and a firm lockdown. Unlike the Kyrie 4 which had a suede and leather back, the whole upper is made up of performance mesh. The external heel counter which has Kyrie’s Hamasa Hand is taken from the Kyrie 6 and the lacing system borrows Kyrie 5’s flytrap system which was inspired by the Venus flytrap. A effective lacing system to keep the foot locked down.

Midsole Cushion Set-up

The midsole is taken from the Kyrie 4 is arguably the comfiest Kyrie line introduced by date. Instead of using the standard Phylon midsole, the Kyrie 4 used Cushlon foam which is a softer foam material. The Kyrie 4 line is the final shoe that implemented a standard heel Zoom unit before Zoom Turbo was introduced. It is estimated that the Kyrie S2 will have the same tooling as the Kyrie 4 which is a Cushlon foam with heel Zoom.


The outsole is basically a Kyrie 4 outsole with no changes being made. The outsole has been separated in the middle to allow greater flexibility of the shoe laterally. This allows the shoe to maintain grip on the floor even in situations where the shoe is leaning heavily.

Price, Release Dates

Release dates and the price of the Kyrie S2 has not been released. However, it is estimated that the price point of the Kyrie S2 will be in the similar price range as the Kyrie 6.

Sources: All images via Instagram/@sneakerhighway

Update: 27/06

Detailed images of the Kyrie S2 EP has emerged.

Sources: Images via Instagram/@gc911

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