The key tech-specs of the Dame 7s were leaked. While we don’t have any visual assistance to show what the shoe is going to look like, we can look at previous Dame models and current basketball models to predict the key elements of the shoe.

image via Instagram/@sole_brothers


The quality of the upper will be compromised due to the use of the Lightstrike midsole which would raise the general price of the shoe. This leads us to conclude that the materials used would be a standard performance mesh to keep the price of the Dame 7 at a low price point.

In terms of lacing, the Dame 7 can feature a lacing system similar to the one found in the Dame 4 and the Harden Vol.4. Instead of the laces going through the upper material, there will be a separate overlay piece in which the laces will go through to enhance lateral containment.

The leaked information doesn’t specify whether the Dame 7 will be a low-top or a high-top sneaker. Dame model has varied recently between mid-top and low-top sneakers with the Dame 5 being a mid-top and Dame 6 being a low-top sneaker. The recent budget model the Dame Brookfields were a mid-top basketball shoe which opens up the possibility of the Dame 7 going back to a mid-top sneaker.

Midsole Cushion Set-up

The leaks clearly state that the midsole will feature a full-length Lightstrike set-up. Adidas has two methods of implementing the technology. One method is a normal midsole set-up like the Dame 6 and the alternate tooling is shaping the midsole in a BYW style like the Harden Vol.4 and the N3X3T L3V3L 2. It is predicted that the Dame 7 will continue to use a similar tooling as the one implemented on the Dame 6.


Since the Dame 5, Adidas was reluctant to try new traction patterns and implemented a standard herringbone pattern for the Dame series. However, this is set to change as the leaks have refereed to the outsole pattern as a custom computerised graphic specifically for Damian Lillard.

Price, Release Dates

The price is set to $110 and the initial release was planned to be on the 1st of October. However, due to COVID-19 there would have been delays in production and planning on the release of the shoe. So it won’t be a surprise if the release dates are delayed.

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