With Space Jam: A New Legacy starring LeBron James planned to release next month, Nike and Converse produced a footwear and apparel collection inspired by the characters and the film. And unexpectedly, the 19th signature shoe of LeBron James was also revealed along with the collection.


The main inspiration behind the LeBron 19 was the “futuristic magic behind the movie”. Designer Jason Petrie wanted to design the LeBron 19 to give it an “otherworldly, space-age kind of look”. Although this may be the main inspiration for the new LeBron model, there are hints of classic details within the upper. The overall silhouette is reminiscent of the LeBron 9 and the use of mesh combined with over exaggerated overlays gives the shoe an early 2010s look.


Maintaining a forefoot Air Zoom and heel Air-Max set-up, the LeBron 19 debuts an improved form of cushioning in each area. The Air-Max on the heel is double-chambered allowing for additional cushioning. The Air Zoom unit has seen improvement to cover a larger area of the forefoot than Air Zoom pods for a “reliable underfoot ride”.


Although we don’t have a clear view of the outsole, we could see that the fine line patterns are used for traction on the LeBron 19.

Source: Images via Instagram/@sevenzro1

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