From Protecting Our Feet to Protecting Our Faces

Both Nike and Adidas has released their face shields that will be used by health personal whom will be dealing with COVID-19. Both companies have found a new use of the materials that are normally used to produce sneakers.

For the Nike PPE face shields, the TPU part of the mask is made from materials that were originally used in Air soles. While the padding for the forehead is used for collar padding on the shoes. And the cords are were originally used in Nike apparel. Nike has made their first shipment of the PPE face masks along with the PAPR lenses on April 3rd.

Adidas has also been re-purposing materials that would have otherwise been used in their shoes. Adidas is currently worked with a company named Carbon to 3D print the padding for the forehead. The same material of the padding serves as the midsole cushioning of the Adidas 4D runners. The 3D printing technique reduces materials and time which allows Adidas to produce a large amount of facemasks to meet the growing demand of protective wear to deal with the virus.

We can’t ignore the efforts other shoe brand as well such as Under Armour and New Balance who are also producing face shields and fabric masks. In a global pandemic where everyone is fighting a common enemy, it is clear that we need everyone to become involved and do their part.

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