After the his signing the Jordan brand will release Rui Hachimura’s first PE exclusively through Atmos Tokyo. The Washington Wizards rookie signed with Jordan brand last year on June. The Japanese-Beninese player made history last year as the first-ever Japanese born player to get picked in the first round of the NBA draft.

The colourway seems to pay homage to both of his cultures, Japanese and Beninese. Both shoes use traditional textiles of each culture to cover the overlays, heel and the tongue. The right shoe represents Rui’s Japanese culture with traditional cloud drawing with sakura (cherry blossom) flowers which is a symbol of hope and renewal in Japan. The white base of the shoe is also a fabric with Japanese patterns. The left side of the shoe nods to Rui’s Beninese culture with different types of traditional tile-shaped patterns. The white base of the shoe also has similar traditional patterns printed.

Other details include the outsole of the shoe which follows the traditional pattern of each culture by having the traditional prints on the circle shaped outsole cutouts. Also, each insole has Rui Hachimura’s number #8 printed in Japanese. The logo on the tongue is finished with a embroidered Jumpman logo on the left and Rui Hachimura’s logo on the right.

Sources: All images via Instagram/@laceuphk

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