LeBron recently teased his 18th signature shoe through social media and was also seen wearing it during practice. With LeBron James late into his 17th season, he needs a shoe to compliment his new playstyle discovered in LA.


image via NBA

The new knit combination and integrated cable-inspired rib cage, which reaches down to the footbed, allows the shoe to be lightweight and durable. Instead of tongue foam, non-pressurised air pockets are used for comfort and style.

Midsole Cushion Set-up

image via Instagram/@kix.r_us

The cushioning distincion between the heel and the forefoot allows the shoe to facilite LeBron’s power and speed through the implementation of Max Air in the heel and a full length Air Zoom bag replacing what was previously foam.


The traction design, generated through the Nike Sports Research Lab, has the forefoot divided into sections of thin grooves. The grooves broaden into a grid warp as you move towards the heel with the traction softening. No space is wasted as each area of the foot is given the appropriate traction properties.

Price and Release Date

The LeBron 18 is set to release beginning of September.

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