After speculation regarding its cushioning set-up, images of the Harden Vol.5 has been leaked. The Harden Vol.5 is expected to take a huge leap in terms of technology as it will feature both Boost and Lightstrike. While mix and matching cushioning isn’t new for brands like Nike and Under Armour, Adidas always seemed reluctant to mix foams on a single shoe. However, with the release of Pro-Boost and the Harden Vol.5, it looks like Adidas may be ready to implement the mixture of foam in other performance shoes.


The shoe retains its low-cut silhouette much like its predecessors, the whole upper being made up of knit allows the shoe to be light. The Harden Vol.5 speaks a much different design language from the previous Harden signature shoes. The previous shoes featured futuristic and performance driven designs. However, the Harden Vol.5 looks to be leaning more towards a lifestyle design, a shoe that can be worn on the court and off the court. The patchwork style overlays and the side hanging logo makes the shoe look more like a Adidas Original series rather than a performance shoe. The Harden Vol.5 may look to rival the Puma RS-Dreamer as a performance shoe as it is also designed to work in everyday life.

Midsole Cushion Set-up

Just like the leaks stated, the Harden Vol.5 will feature both Boost and Lightstrike as its cushioning system. The set-up is expected to be similar to the Adidas Pro-Boost which features a Lightstrike container with a Boost drop-in midsole. The Boost drop-in will allow impact protection while the Lightstrike container provides the shoe with lightness and responsiveness.


The outsole pattern is similar to the Harden Vol.4 as it features a checkered geometric pattern. The outsole is a signature generative traction inspired by and tailored to James Harden’s movements.

Price and Release Date

The Harden Vol.5s are expected to drop around the start of the 20/21 NBA season. We expect the price to stay around the $130 despite the improvement in cushioning.

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