The much anticipated Kyrie 7 finally has a release date and it is set to release in a similar fashion as the Kyrie 6. It is rumoured that the Kyrie 7 Preheat pack will also consist of 11 colourways. Releasing 11 colourways is a way to show the special connection Kyrie Irving had throughout his career with the number 11. It was the number his dad wore as a professional player and was Kyrie’s high school jersey number. His name, ‘Kyrie Irving’, also has 11 letters and he played 11 games at Duke and was drafted in the year 2011.

Last years 11 colourways each took inspiration from 11 cities that has a special meaning to Kyrie Irving. With the cities including Beijing, Berlin, Guangzhou, Houston, Los Angeles, Manila, Miami, New York City, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo.

Currently the theme for the 11 colourways are yet to be revealed. However, it is official that the colourways will release on the 11th of November for $140.

Sources: All images via Twitter/US_11

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