As one of the brighter colourways out of the LeBron 18, the “Los Angeles by Day” colourway takes inspiration from LeBron’s new home and the Laker’s hometown, Los Angeles. The colour schemes are separated through with the natural build of the sneaker to tell two tales of the City of Angels.

The front featuring a neutral tone knit upper, presents calmness and the relaxing mood the California City presents. Contrasting from the front, the heel looks to show off a different side of the city. The palm trees and signature LA architecture featured on the graphics, mixed with the hints of bright pink, highlights the vibrant energy of the city. The contrast between the colour scheme continues down from the midsole to the outsole with the front and back finished in white and blue.

This colourway is set to release on the 13th of November and will retail for $200.

Source: Images via Nike

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