It was recently announced that Adidas has agreed to a multi-year partnership with Lego. While, it is hard to imagine how two companies from strikingly different industries can find common ground, it is clear from the leaks and initial releases that, Lego aesthetics will be integrated into Adidas apparel and shoes. And leaked images have shown Donovan Mitchell’s signature line will be involved in the collaboration which is expected to release next year.

The DON Issue 3 “Lego” features a colourful palette of blue, green, yellow and red, the most common colours found on Lego bricks. The overall upper consists of bright yellow with a discrete brick pattern covering the mesh upper. Back of the shoe gives a more playful look with a Lego version of Donovan Mitchell’s head printed all over the heel and the tongue. A stamp like logo featuring a Lego Donovan Mitchell and his signature is placed on the tongue. While the images of the outsole isn’t available, it looks like a semi-transparent outsole showing off a Lego brick print.

While you may be excited to get your hands on the DON Issue 3 “Lego”, you will have to wait another year. Since the DON Issue 2 was released just a month ago, it will have to serve a full year until its replaced by the DON Issue 3. Considering the DON Issue 3 will release around Fall 2021, expect the Don Issue 3 “Lego” to release around the same time.

Source: All images via Instagram/@stepback.kicks

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