With November coming to a near end and December around the corner, the “Season of Giving” is slowly approaching. That being said, Christmas themed colourways are slowly emerging and the PG 4s, dressed in Santa’s red, were the first to be revealed. Although the official release date is yet to be announced, it is expected to release around mid-December for $140.

The upper is made up of a velvet like material, giving the shoe a soft and cosy aesthetic. Also the ‘glove’ like construction gives the upper a simple and clean look, reminiscent of a Christmas sock. The hand-crafted feeling around the shoe is also empathised by the exposed stitching around the Nike logo on the side. The green accents around the shoe along with the green inner lining, balances the overall redness of the shoe to complete a classic Christmas look. Christmas details are included in the insole, where a festive “PG” logo is decorated with Christmas lights.

Sources: All images via Nike

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