Inspired by the iconic Christmas movie “Elf”, starring Will Farrell, Puma has launched the “Elf” collection releasing the all new Clyde All-Pro alongside the Clyde Mid and the Leadcat Slide. Available now for $130, the Clyde All-Pro “Elf” is full of details referring back to the original film.

Dressed in shades of green and the outsole painted yellow, the “Elf” colourway looks to characterise Buddy, the Elf’s outfit. Along with the bold colours, fine details around the shoe looks to neutralise the strength of the colours. The synthetic lace eyelids on the tongue features a minimal graphic of Buddy’s outfit, highlighting his belt and collar. Minimal graphics can also be found on the heel as it contains an elf hat and maple syrup being poured on spaghetti. The inner lining uses a red and white palette with the twists of colours resembling a candy cane. The “Elf” references are finished off inside the shoe, with ‘Mr Narwhale’ saying, “Hope you find your dad” on the right insole and “Raised By Elfs” written on the left insole.

Sources: All images via Puma

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