At the Los Angeles Lakers training camp, Anthony Davis whose been wearing the Kobe line for the whole of the 19-20 season was seen lacing up a different Nike model. As it turns out, it is the Nike Cosmic Unity and it looks to be a new flagship silhouette representing Nike Basketball.


The upper is made up of a mixture of performance knit; it is highly likely to be a new form of Flyknit. The Flyknit-like upper is covered by an additional material with spiderweb patterns which acts to strengthen the upper to allow containment of the foot.

Midsole Cushion Set-up

image via Hupu

With the existing images, it is almost impossible to know the cushioning set-up of the shoe. From the photos, the midsole foam is divided into two parts. The outside foam which is reminiscent of the Reebok Question 1 midsole, looks to act as a container of the foam inside the shoe. An outsole cut-out, sealed by a plastic panel to expose the technology inside, is used in the shoe. These types of cut-outs are usually done when the shoe contains Zoom Air. With the limited information we have, we can predict that the cushioning system features Zoom Air mixed with a new type of foam.


There is nothing special about the outsole as its a standard herringbone pattern. As mentioned above there is an outsole cut-out, however its unlikely to have any performance impacts as the cut-out is vertical.

Although only a limited amount of information is available, the positive side is that the shoe was unveiled through the Lakers official Instagram page. Shoes that are first unveiled through official pages are usually announced shortly after its unveiling. So, we can hope for more information being made available soon.

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