A new silhouette thought to be Puma’s newest basketball shoe was leaked. Like its fellow competitors, Nike and Adidas, Puma will be releasing their own adaptation of a laceless performance shoe with the help of what is called, “Disc System”.


The design of the upper is strikingly similar to the Nike Adapt BB 2.0. It features a single body upper made up of performance mesh with nubuck overlays for protection and additional support. The most eye-catching feature on the upper is the double “Disc System”. A “Disc System” is placed on the tongue to tighten the tongue area. Another “Disc System” is placed on the heel with the wires covering the lateral side and medial side and the forefoot area. The double “Disc System” ensures maximum foot containment as the system is able to have the whole upper tighten over the wearer’s foot.

Midsole Cushion Set-up

The tooling on the new shoe looks very similar to the RS-Dreamer. The RS-Dreamer featured a mixture of RS technology and Puma’s ProFoam which allowed energy return and responsive court feel. It is unlikely that Puma will introduce a new cushioning system, but to implement what they currently have.


No images of the outsole are available. However, from looking at the edges of the outsole, the outsole pattern may be similar to the RS-Dreamer’s outsole.

Due to its similarities in design and technology, Puma’s new shoes looks to be in direct competition with the Nike Adapt BB 2.0. The difference is that Puma’s model is likely to be much cheaper and lighter since it doesn’t require a battery or an electric motor. It will be interesting to see how it performs compared to its electric counterpart once it releases.

Source: All images via Instagram/@masterwook_

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