Adidas N3X3T L3V3L is a basketball shoe line that embraces the brands’s vision of a laceless performance shoe. The sock-like construction of the upper allows the wearer to simply slip-on the shoe and the elastic upper will tighten against the wearer’s foot ensuring lockdown. Images have shown that the latest N3X3T L3V3L has already been released overseas, giving us an early look at the shoe before it arrives in the States.


The N3X3T L3V3L 2021 will be the second Adidas performance shoe to implement their latest Futurenatural technology. The Primeknit upper runs down the edges of the shoe and is forged by the outsole. This creates a seamless design and a 360-degree fit system which allows superior lockdown.

Midsole Cushion Set-up

Futurenatural technology uses a Boost drop-in midsole with a Lightstrike container for stability. This allows the wearer to experience comfort of the Boost and responsiveness of the Lightstrike.


The outsole pattern is almost identical to the ones found on the Harden Vol.5. The outsole pattern is also part of the Futurenatural technology which uses a “athlete data-informed traction pattern” which according to Adidas allows for “better grip for quicker cuts and dynamic movement”.

Due to the use of Futurenatural technology, the N3X3T L3V3L 2021 has an identical tooling as the one found on the Harden Vol.5. The only difference being the upper, the N3X3T L3V3L 2021 will appeal to those who like the cushioning of the Harden Vol.5 but prefer to go for a simple upper with no laces.

Source: Images via Instagram/@jesuscare

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