The long wait is over as Brandblack, the LA-based footwear and apparel brand is finally making a return to the basketball shoe scene with the release of the Rare Metal 2 this year.

The release of the Rare Metal 2 was teased as early as December 2018 when David Rassye the founder of Brandblack showed sketches of the Rare Metal 2. From then on, there were countless photos and videos of samples, with every photo showing improvements and maturing into a complete product. Finally, the whole shoe was unveiled with Brandblack’s latest innovation and design language.

The Rare Metal 2 embraces wabi-sabi, the Japanese philosophy of imperfection. The monofilament upper exposes the inside layers of the shoe creating a distinct deconstructed look while providing uncompromised performance in terms of lightness and support. The additional lacing space roughly stitched onto the lateral side adds on to the beauty of imperfection of shoe. Downstairs is the same story, Brandblack utilises Vibram’s Wrap Tech, a concept in which the rubber outsole is used to wrap the bottom and the side of the shoe. The technology featured in Wrap Tech allows the rubber to be thinner thus cutting weight, and grippier compared to conventional rubber outsoles. With the manufacturing process of using Wrap Tech, it leaves the shoe with an imperfect look, the overall shoe is able to achieve its full potential in performance whilst maintaining a human element.

Coming at 11.5 oz a pair, it was never in doubt that designer David Raysse and Bill Dill would come up with a shoe with amazing performance. It was more of the anticipation of how they would present it. Personally, with their design language complimented by the latest innovation, they’ve hit the mark for everyone that’s been begging the brand to release another basketball shoe. The shoe is here and all that is left is the playing. We’ve waited long enough.

Source: Images via Brandblack, Conceptkicks

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