First released in October 2013, the D Rose 4 marked the return of Derrick Rose. After his horrific injury which lead him to miss the entire season of 2012-2013, Derrick Rose was back and ready to play. As much as everyone would have wished for a fairy tale story, that would not be the case as Derrick Rose will go down and miss the remainder of the season after playing a mere 10 games.

7 years have passed and Adidas is looking to release the sneaker for 2021. Leaked images have shown select D Rose 4 colourways scheduled to release around March and April. Noticeable colourways include “The Boardwalk” and “Brenda”. The original shoes featured a EVA foam in the front with adiPrene on the heel. The “new” D Rose 4 will feature full-length Bounce foam as its cushioning, a significant upgrade from its original.

image via Instagram/@street8oy

It is a strange move to say the least, for Adidas to re-release a sneaker Derrick Rose barely wore on the court. It was also the season that pretty much marked the end of his career as a superstar as small injuries would continue to haunt him throughout his career. By the time he reached Minnesota, people thought he was finished.

David Sherman/NBAE/Getty Images

A season later he would drop 50, a career high. Perhaps this is a monumental shoe after all, it marks the start of the hardships Derrick Rose would go through which even put him in a position to considering retirement. Yet he still plays, the 2019-2020 season marked the highest points per game by Derrick Rose since the 2011-2012 season as he scored 18.1 points. While this may not be the real intentions of releasing the D Rose 4, personally the re-release of the D Rose 4 represents the ability to stay focused and never give up.

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