James Harden’s budget line, the Harden Stepback 2 was quietly released in China. The Harden Stepback line is officially James Harden’s third signature line. It replaced the previous budget line the BTE line which saw two models release. While the first Stepback model had an independent design language from the main signature shoe, the Stepback 2 takes note from the Harden Vol.5’s design, acting as a takedown model to the main signature shoe.


As mentioned, the upper design of the Harden Stepback 2 is similar to the Harden Vol.5. Compared to the upper of the Vol.5, the upper material is lower quality with additional overlays that cover the medial side and the lateral side.

Midsole Cushion Set-Up

There is no drama in the cushion as the Harden Stepback 2 features a full-length Bounce midsole.


The outsole is nearly identical to the Harden Vol.5 with it’s geometry pattern. There maybe a difference in the rubber component meaning that the outsole performance may defer from the Vol.4 despite its similarities.

It looks like Adidas is trying to accommodate Harden’s fans who find the Vol.5 too expensive and offer a similar shoe with the tech and materials compromised. It is definitely a different approach from other signature athletes who offer an entirely different silhouette from their main signature shoe.

Source: All images via Instagram/@stepback.kicks

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