Its only been a few months since the D.O.N Issue 2s were officially released. However, recent leaks confirmed the final designs of the D.O.N Issue 3s and its release schedule. While we will have to wait a full life cycle of the D.O.N Issue 2 to get official looks, the leaked images allows for a tech-spec breakdown of the sneaker.

Image via Instagram/@timwalsh_official


The D.O.N Issue series continues to keep a low-cut silhouette to accommodate Donovan Mitchell’s quick cuts and movements. The base of the upper will be a mesh material with fuse overlays around the lacing and toe area. It looks to feature a small mid-foot band along the tongue for extra lockdown. Much like the Issue 2, the lacing emphasises on lockdown around the backside. The TPU piece located in the middle, warps below the ankle to ensure additional lockdown when the laces are tightened.

Midsole Cushion Set-up

The DON Issue 3 will finally implement Lightstrike like the other signature shoes released by Adidas. The Issue 3 was the only signature shoe without the implementation of Lightstrike, but it will join the rest of the signature shoes next year with its upgraded foam technology. A TPU plate that wraps around the lateral side is added, allowing lateral containment and stability of the foot. It also moves down to the bottom of the midsole acting as a shank plate.


The outsole pattern is almost identical to the spiderweb-like pattern found on the Issue 2 with minor adjustments being made to facilitate the new midsole shape.

Price and Release Date

Leaks have stated that the D.O.N Issue 3s are expected to release around FW season next year for $110.

Sources: Images via Instagram/@chillmilkie

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